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Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services to High Wycombe and Surrounding Areas

Maria, Senior Director
I have been a client of Absolute Cleaning for over 8 years and the service that has been provided to me has been absolutely excellent.
When I first met Katy at my apartment all those years ago, I explained that my work requires extensive travel and hence my requirement for weekly cleaning and light housework of my apartment without supervision. This company is extremely professional with specific contracts drawn up following an inspection of my property and agreement on what would need to be done each week.
Then the wonderful Jana and Zbyszek became part of my life as indeed they have been for 8 years - to say that they are a wonderful couple (who are now even grandparents) is a complete understatement. In all of that time, there has never been a reason to complain about anything, feedback to Absolute Cleaning has always been complimentary. They are discreet, trustworthy, pleasant and extremely efficient. The new buyers of my apartment even wrote to me asking me how I managed to maintain the floors in such good condition - I had to be honest and say "Absolute Cleaning".
I cannot recommend Katy, Terrie and her team enough and it is with regret that I leave Jana and Zbyszek here in the UK. I envy their next client.
With very best wishes
Maria, Senior Director